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Duel Sections
« on: April 24, 2011, 05:47:26 AM »
Good work for Saturdays games, every1 was very professional and kept on top of things all night!
i posted the barracuda screenshot in PR screenshots(;topic=238.0;attach=436;image) and i know alot more was done in my absence too, make sure u keep an eye out for the "wow" factor that earns ppl in your squads awards etc, i cant see everything always so its up to u guys to recommend them too.

all thos who attended the Sat night games has earned a Group Award, i saw alot of training specific moves and techniques being carried out with huge success and im proud to have u all fighting along side.
we may be stomping down our enemies at the moment, but we arnt even at the top of our game yet. we still have alot to learn and far to grow together, we will earn the respect of our pr community and will set the standards for others to look up to. Unitas, Fortis, Victor!
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