Author Topic: lol @ engi kit  (Read 2018 times)


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lol @ engi kit
« on: September 01, 2011, 05:31:01 AM »
ah just wanted to say how awsome engi kit is when u get the timing right, did the old 'go on a yank muttrah server with darksea and spam mines trick, this time it always had enemy troops around the ambush zones all round so i had to hide and move the whole game, i got chased at 1 point and i put a c4 down as i got into cover then kept running, they didnt end up following as they thought i went into the T buildings rather then the alleyway i was in, i went ontop a roof and scratched my head for about 5 mins, then a smurf had done the same thing i had, got shot at and run into the alleyway, the mec chased and went onto my trap and when it went off their bodies flew straight at me on top of the building made me lol hard, managed to fluke a triple kill on infantry and then fluked a blind c4 explosion just by guessing when i heard the truck driving on the other side of the map, had 10-0 on round end, not much but doing cheeky shit on a yank server was fun, a rare thing i think


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Re: lol @ engi kit
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2011, 07:19:16 PM »
IT IS THE BEST THING EVER! (reaction of a yank--> wtf..?  :'(what just happned?
Person holding C4 --> ;D